Digital is the basic Labex electro-laryngophone series. It offers the basic functionality of most of the commercially available electronic larynges as well as additional personalization options.

These are the lightest and smallest commercially available devices, comfortably fitting even in small hands, with the option to select tone and strength.

They are reliable, with long battery life, battery-level control and two-degree low battery alarm, powerful Li-ion batteries and quick intelligent double-socket charger. These are the perfect laryngophones for the people preferring easy to operate devices.

They have a shockproof body with moisture resistance in the IP54 standard. They may be used in the rain without any risk of damage. They are dustproof and sweat-proof.


Global parameters


Adjustable pitch Selectable
Adjustable volume Selectable
Pitch range total 80, 93, 110, 130, 165 Hz
Volume range 70, 76, 83 dB
Full charge time 6 h
Mechanical buttons 2
Speech buttons 1
*  depending on pitch and volume selected

Physical parameters


Diam x Length F34 x 98 mm
Weight 72 g w/o battery
Body material ABS
Dust resistive Yes
Moisture resistive Yes
Standard covered IP55



Low battery warning Yes, 2 levels
Charge finished notification Yes
Lanyard holder Yes
Lanyard Yes
Charger station 2 slots

Battery info


Capacity 2 x 9V 600 mAh
Battery type Li-Ion, exchangeable
Rechargeable Yes
Battery manufacturer EBL, Taiwan
Battery recharge lifecycles > 200

Warranty conditions


  2 years **
post-warranty repairs In the factory
** for the unit only, does not cover batteries and chargers