The Inspiraton™ is the latest and most advanced digital electronic larynx in the world. It incorporates the touch technology with the power of modern high-capacity and long-life batteries and provides the most advanced comfort of operation and freedom to express. 

We are proud to announce the launch in May 2017 our exceptional new model of electronic larynges that include world-first features like:

  • 24 hours of speech time within a single charge cycle
  • USB charging, built-in quick charger
  • Touch on/off operation
  • A touch panel which exclusively enables users to change the intonation or volume while speaking
  • No moving parts as control buttons and weels
  • Heavy aluminium shockproof body


Global parameters


Adjustable pitch Yes
Adjustable volume Yes
Pitch range total 70-195 Hz
Base pitch range 70-121 Hz
Dynamic pitch range 45-70 Hz
Volume range 60-83 dB
Dynamic Volume range base + 0..11 dB
Speech time per charge 20-24 h*
Full charge time 4 h w Labex charger
Mechanical buttons No
Speech buttons -
Touch button 1
Touch slider 1
USB charge Yes
*  depending on pitch and volume selected

Physical parameters


Diam x Length F32 x 123 mm
Weight 168 g with battery
Body material ABS + Aluminium
Dust resistive  
Moisture resistive  
Standard covered IP43



Low battery warning Yes
Check discharge level Yes
Charge finished notification Yes
Lanyard holder Yes
Lanyard Yes
Power charger Build-in
Charger station In the box
USB cable In the box
Connector type micro USB

Battery info

Capacity 3,7V 3300 mAh
Battery type Li-Ion, permanent
Rechargeable Yes
Charge current 0,5 A; 1,0 A; 1,5 A - depending on USB port power
Battery manufacturer SANYO
Battery recharge lifecycles > 500

Warranty conditions


  2 years full
post-warranty repairs In the factory
** for the unit only, does not cover batteries and chargers