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Labex troubleshooting for the Digital and the Comfort models

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Possible reason

Possible solution(s)

The device does not emit sound and no LED light indications at all

It is possible, that the battery may be completely discharged

Replace it with another fully charged rechargeable battery or a brand new non-rechargeable 9V battery.

Incorrectly inserted battery.

Revert polarity of the battery.The plus of the battery should be connected to plus of the device.When insert the battery the right way the green LED will lid for a second.

The device does not emit sound, but shows LED light indications.

Volume level set to the minimum.

Try increasing the volume.

Something went wrong with the settings

Reset the device to the factory default settings Follow the instructions in the User manual.

The device does not emit sound, but the RED LED light flashes.

The battery is almost discharged.

Put fully charged battery in the devuce.

The device sounds muffled

The battery charge level is below 10%

If you see the red battery indicator light flashing or constantly lit, It’s time to replace the battery

Volume level set low

Try to increase the Volume of the device

The sound too buzzing

Make sure you found your “Sweet spot”

The Sweet spot has a huge impact on sound quality. Try other locations. Read our online article “Tips For Using Electrolarynx” on You can also ask your therapist for assistance.

There is not enough pressure against the neck

Make sure to place the device tightly without air between the top cap and the skin.

Volume set too high

Reduce the Volume. Some people need less volume to talk clearly..

Wrong settings

Try to reset the device to the factory default settings.

In case your problem is not listed in this topic we please contact support:

Make sure you included the serial no of the device, the date of purchase, the distributor name, and explain what is the problem you want to solve.

You’ll get answered in 2 working days.