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After Laryngectomy Care

After Laryngectomy Care / 18 posts found

Electrolarynx Communication

Laryngectomy and Electrolarynx guide – Speaking and Communicating after recovery

by Benjamin Holden
Introduction: Total laryngectomy is a surgical procedure consisting of removing the entire larynx and performing a reconstruction of the neck. The larynx is the physiological aero-digestive junction; its removal is a heavy intervention that causes the separation of the respiratory and the digestive tracts. It is, therefore, necessary to rebuild the neck to allow the patient to eat by mouth without risking the ingestion of food into the bronchial system (passage of food or saliva into the trachea). This reconstruction consists in restoring a continuity between the mouth and the esophagus (called neo-pharynx). The respiratory tract is also re-established by […]
Electrolarynx Laryngectomy Food Diet

Laryngectomy and Electrolarynx guide – Activities And Diet

by Benjamin Holden
The period after a laryngectomy can be tough for some patients, especially for the ones that have experienced a traumatic event like an accident or cancer diagnosis. For these reasons, their daily lives need to be adapted in such ways that their routines return to be as normal as they were before. To achieve this, here are some guidelines and recommendations to follow. Patients most rest when they feel tired, especially the weeks after surgery. For this, getting enough sleep is necessary to recover. Laryngectomy patients would have to sleep with their head up by using various pillows or a […]
Electrolarynx Laryngectomy After Surgery

Laryngectomy and Electrolarynx guide – Recovery After Surgery

by Benjamin Holden
The larynx is an essential part of the human body located in the neck. This is known as the voice box because it contains the vocal cords, which allow sounds production. Besides, occupying a determined location in the neck, it helps human beings swallow and breathe normally. When a laryngectomy is practiced, whatever the reason might be, the area around the incision may become swollen, numb or bruised, generating different grades of pain in the patient. This symptomatology can continue for a few weeks, probably needing a prescription for pain and anti-inflammatory medication. After the surgery, it is very common […]