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How to use Electrolarynx

How to use Electrolarynx / 2 posts found

Electrolarynx Care

Taking Care of Your Electrolarynx

by Benjamin Holden
Taking Care of Your Electrolarynx It can be frustrating if your electrolarynx fails to work effectively and yet you want to talk to your friends.  This is the reason why you must take good care of your electrolarynx. The user must be aware of how to maintain it well to enjoy communication. Proper care extends the device’s usability and effectiveness. This article will take you through various ways of taking care of your electrolarynx. How to take care of the batteries If batteries are not well charged, check the charging port (for Harmony and Inspiration models), because it might not […]
Electrolarynx How To Guide

Tips For Using Electrolarynx

by Benjamin Holden
Speech and electrolarynx The ability to speak and communicate is one of the unique human characteristics. This is fundamental to many activities of daily living and directly affects the social status of a person.Loss of voice can result in a devastating decrease in one’s quality of life. The precipitate significant frustration over the inability to communicate with other people can lead to adverse mental and psychological related problems. An electrolarynx is a  battery-powered, speech-assistive device designed to be used by a person who has had their larynx removed (laryngectomy) to assist them in the reproduction of sounds similar to those […]