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Learning About Throat Cancers

Learning About Throat Cancers / 5 posts found

tonsil cancer

Tonsil Cancer – Stages, symptoms, prognosis, and treatment options

by LabexTrade
Tonsil cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the cells of your tonsils. Tonsils come in a set situated at the back of your throat in a location referred to as the oropharynx. Their function is to help combat infection.  Cancer can establish in your tonsils. Tonsil cancer is categorized as head and neck cancer, throat cancer, and oropharynx cancer. Because a little piece of tonsil tissue may be left behind, tonsil cancer can develop even in people who’ve had their tonsils eliminated. Your tonsils are two oval-shaped pads in the back of your mouth that become part […]
oropharyngeal cancer

Oropharyngeal Cancer – Stages, symptoms, prognosis and treatment options

by LabexTrade
Oropharyngeal Cancer Oropharyngeal cancer is cancer in the oropharynx, which is the middle part of your throat (pharynx). Signs consist of an aching throat that doesn’t go away; swelling in the throat, mouth or neck; coughing up blood; white patch in the mouth and other signs.  Treatments might consist of surgical treatment, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy and immunotherapy. What is oropharyngeal cancer? Oropharyngeal cancer is a type of head and neck cancer in which cancer cells are found within an area of your throat called your oropharynx. More than 90% of oropharyngeal cancers are squamous cell carcinomas, which […] (1)

Hypopharyngeal Cancer – Stages, symptoms and prognosis. Treatment options

by LabexTrade
General Details About Hypopharyngeal Cancer About the throat The larynx, commonly called the voice box, is a tube-shaped organ in the neck. It lies at the top of the windpipe or trachea. The front walls stick out from the neck to form what most people call the Adam’s apple. The throat is important for breathing, talking, and swallowing. It consists of the vocal folds, also called vocal cords, which vibrate to make sound for speech production. Throughout breathing, the larynx opens like a valve to allow air to enter the lungs. During swallowing, the vocal folds come together and, with […]

Laryngeal Cancer – Stages, symptoms, prognosis and treatment options

by LabexTrade
Laryngeal cancer is one of the most common cancers impacting the head and neck, representing about 25% of malignant tumors that affect this location and 2% of all deadly diseases. Around 2/3 of these tumors appear in the true vocal cords and 1/3 affects the supraglottic larynx (that is, they are located above the vocal cords). Laryngeal Cancer Symptoms The first symptom is important and indicates the location of the lesion. Hence, odynophagia (aching throat) suggests supraglottic growth and hoarseness shows a glottic and subglottic growth.  Supraglottic cancer is typically accompanied by other signs such as changes in voice quality, […]

Types of throat cancer, symptoms. Risk factors and preventive measures

by LabexTrade
What is throat cancer? The throat is a hollow tube about 5 inches long that begins behind the nose and roof of the mouth then combines into the windpipe and ends up being the esophagus even more down the neck. Most throat cancers belong to tobacco and/or extreme alcohol exposure. Recent research has demonstrated a connection between viral infection by the human papilloma infection (HPV) and cancer of the mouth and throat. Cancer is a class of diseases in which abnormal cells increase and divide frantically in the body. These abnormal cells form deadly growths called growths. Throat cancer refers […]