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Stoma Cover Gray

Stoma Cover Gray

  • Secures the air passages from dehydration, contamination, and the cold.
  • Lightweight and easy to store and carry.
  • Machine Washable.
  • The protective cover can be extended or shortened according to your demand.
  • Suitable for different neck dimensions.
  • Offered in 5 classic color styles.
  • Visual coverage.
  • Traditional design.
  • Breathable.



The Stoma Covers are designed for a patient to use after their laryngectomy operation has been performed, and they are ready to begin the recovery process.

This Stoma cover is a neck-worn bib. It delivers unique benefits to neck breathers through effective product design and material composition.

Bibs are an essential part of our Larynx protection collection to complete a laryngectomee’s wardrobe.

Stoma Covers are produced in a washable and durable material for multiple wearing. 

They also have adjustable neck straps for comfort to the patient. 

Stoma Covers are packaged individually and generally available from the local countrywide distributor.

  • Ideal for laryngectomy, or tracheotomy usage.
  • Ribbed Neck with Flexible plastic clip fastener on the side.
  • Long 20 cm approximately. 
  • Wide 24 cm approximately. 
  • Neckline width continuously adjustable from 32 to 42 cm.
  • With 4 layers of fabric.