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Oropharyngeal cancer

Oropharyngeal cancer / 2 posts found

oropharyngeal cancer

Oropharyngeal Cancer – Stages, symptoms, prognosis and treatment options

by LabexTrade
Oropharyngeal Cancer Oropharyngeal cancer is cancer in the oropharynx, which is the middle part of your throat (pharynx). Signs consist of an aching throat that doesn’t go away; swelling in the throat, mouth or neck; coughing up blood; white patch in the mouth and other signs. Treatments might consist of surgical treatment, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy and immunotherapy. What is oropharyngeal cancer? Oropharyngeal cancer is a type of head and neck cancer in which cancer cells are found within an area of your throat called your oropharynx. More than 90% of oropharyngeal cancers are squamous cell carcinomas, which […]

Types of throat cancer, symptoms. Risk factors and preventive measures

by LabexTrade
What is throat cancer? The throat is a hollow tube about 5 inches long that begins behind the nose and roof of the mouth then combines into the windpipe and ends up being the esophagus even more down the neck.Most throat cancers belong to tobacco and/or extreme alcohol exposure. Recent research has demonstrated a connection between viral infection by the human papilloma infection (HPV) and cancer of the mouth and throat. Cancer is a class of diseases in which abnormal cells increase and divide frantically in the body.These abnormal cells form deadly growths called growths. Throat cancer refers to cancer […]