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About us

About us

The Labex company

At Labex,  it is our genuine belief that all aspects of our life can be improved. There is always something to improve. And we can do it.  Regardless of what we are working on we always do our best to give our customers new options and help them have a better life.

The Labex brand is designed to meet the highest standards in the satisfaction of customers’ needs and expectations for medical devices.
Irrespective of what we develop, our attention is always drawn to the added benefits for the customer.

The Labex Brand is a symbol of quality that brings customer care to a new level.

Labex Comfort and Labex Digital electrolaynxes

A bit history

When we started developing speech devices in 2014, for the last 12 years there was no work on new devices for laryngectomy patients in the world. The electrolarynx speech aids in 2014 offered real-time talk time from an hour and a half to two hours with batteries that were very expensive and inefficient.

Of course, there were good speech-aid models from an engineering point of view that was already on the market and they had taken their place. It was clear to us that we had to produce devices with significantly better parameters and unsurpassed options worldwide in order to be successful. We need to offer patients exactly what they need.

  • Our research has shown that most people who use a speech aid want to be able to change their intonation during their speech.
  • Everyone agreed that they needed more talking time and cheaper batteries.
  • Equally important was the ratio of speech to side noise, which is not entirely avoidable with this technology.
  • In addition to all this, we put our desire to create the lightest in the smallest electrolarynxes in the world.

Of course, all these goals were solvable with the use of modern digital technologies.
So we decided to develop and produce modern digital devices with excellent tone, with a functional designrobust construction, and options that significantly exceed the capabilities of the devices currently sold. Speech-aid electrolarynx that can change the consumers' life and make them feel more comfortable.

We created a new conception for the laryngectomee's support that should resolve the possible problems for minutes worldwide. We are that sure in our quality and the very low failure rate with our devices that we can take the challenge to exchange every device with a new one. Soon we'll launch this new program. Now it is in the testing phase. We believe this high-level support is what our customers want.

We are Number 1 because

  1. We are the first to offer long-lasting Li-Ion integrated batteries into the Electrolaryxes
  2. We are the first producer's of a totally digital product line electrolarynx in the world
  3. We are the first company that introduced USB charging for electrolarynxes
  4. We are the first company that introduced modes of operation and adjustments.
  5. The first appearance of our model Inspiration in 2016 shifted the market and forced our main competitors to urgently start developing new models. Some of them sold their businesses and others tried to modernize some of what they had already developed.
  6. We have the best prices and quality and the best end-user support.

Now we are looking to quickly extend our distributors set worldwide. We have a perfectly balanced product line of the best electrolarynges and the best price conditions. Our ERP management system works for 5 years, our CRM system works for 4 years. We are ready.

Please feel the contact-us form if you want to become a part of our team.