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  • Labex Harmony Electrolarynx

    Buy Labex Harmony Electrolarynx online - simple to use, high-performance speech aid

    Labex Trade gives you the opportunity to buy your brand new electrolarynx online. This is the perfect device if you need the longest speech time. Or even if you want to have a good-looking device in your hand. Simple to use, reliable, USB rechargeable, with reconfigurable buttons.

    A high-performing electrolarynx with a simple interface

    • Elegantly designed premium all-metal body.
    • Realistic voice reproduction.
    • 2 fully customizable speech buttons.
    • Long battery life, with a huge capacity, having 500 to 800 charging lifecycles. (equivalent to about 10 years of normal use)
    • 30 to 45 hours of speech time within a single charge.
    • 100% fully charged in 2.5 hours with the Labex charger.
    • USB charging ensures a high level of portability and convenience.
    • Easy-to-read instant battery discharge check with the multicolor LED indicator.
    • 2 year warranty.


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    Labex Harmony is the modern digital electrolarynx. Also has a modern design. Harmony electrolarynx is certainly a highly innovative device. Comes with two fully configurable speech buttons. Each one of them can be customized with its own volume and tone (pitch) settings. Giving you the unique ability to have two distinct voices at the touch of your fingertips.

    Easy to use, one-step reconfiguration procedure can be used unlimited quantity times. The tactile sensation of the buttons is unique and brings a real pleasure to use.

    Here is a video description of how to manage the device, the tone of the speech buttons, and the battery discharge level:

    Why choose Labex Harmony Electrolarynx

    Labex Harmony is a high-performing electrolarynx with a simple interface, making it one of the best speech aids available on the market for laryngectomy patients.

    Harmony is perfect for you if:

    • You need the longest speech time.
    • You need a good-looking electrolarynx.

    Taking inspiration from the classic electrolarynx, Labex Harmony has all the features that make a good, efficient speech aid. However, all of these features have been refined and improved.

    Simple and easy to use, Labex Harmony allows you to change the volume and pitch for each of the speech buttons. This makes it easy to experiment and choose your preferences. Even though it is designed for users who prefer the classic way of using an electrolarynx, that is, with a flat and neutral tone, Labex Harmony features two speech buttons that allow you to switch instantly from one voice profile to another.

    Labex Harmony is a joy to use thanks to its attractive design and good tactile feel of the voice buttons. Add additional features like maximum talk time, digital sound generation control, and low power consumption. You can see why the device is so effective.

    With Labex Harmony, you know you have found your voice.


    Simple and Elegant: The Labex Harmony Electrolarynx

    With Labex Harmony, we redesigned the modern electrolarynx. With all-metal construction, elegant design, and advanced voice reproduction technology – we rediscovered the perfect electrolarynx device. With the combination of a super high-capacity battery, fast recharging, and simple interface -  this is one of the best devices on the market.

    Labex harmony has two talk buttons that each can be configured will their own volume and pitch(tone) settings. This will give you the ability to have two separate voices at your fingertips whenever you need them.

    The Intuitive Design Features of the Labex Harmony:

    Smart Features

    Our battery technology has no competition in the global market. Thirty+ (30h+) hours of freedom on every charge. Just 2.5 hours to recharge the device back to 100%. There are 3 levels of indication about the remaining capacity of the battery:

    1.  More than 50% - Green glows for 3 seconds
    2. Between 25% and 50% - Yellow glows for 3 seconds
    3. Between 5% and 25% - Red glows for 3 seconds. It is best time to recharge your elecrolarynx
    4. Below 5%  - Red constantly

    Never be left out without a voice again.

      • Powerful built-in rechargeable battery allows for 30 hours of talk time
      • Full charge battery time is 2.5 hours with a factory-kit charger
      • High-quality metal body
      • Realistic voice reproduction
      • Easy-to-read LED indicator
      • Two fully customizable voice buttons
      • 2 years warranty