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  • Adjustment Tutorials

    Adjustment Tutorials for all Labex Electrolarynx devices

    You have just got your brand-new Labex Electrolarynx device and are curious about how it operates. Labex Trade will provide you with Adjustment Tutorials for all our electrolarynx devices. Just scroll down and check out the following videos.

    Labex Digital


    Labex Digital electrolarynx device - Visual adjustment and settings guide.

    Digital is the easiest to use electrolarynx ever! It comes with 2 Li-Ion long-life batteries with 500 recharge cycles each. On the panel, it has one speech button to start and stop the sound, as well as two adjustment buttons (below it). Thus you can change the pitch and volume of the sound very quickly at all times. To do this you don't need any tools. There is no limit to how many times you change the settings. Here you can see how easy it is to personalize the electrolarynx device. And how to adjust the pitch and volume of the sound produced. If you have any other questions, please let us know on our support page.

    Labex Comfort

    Labex Comfort electrolarynx device - Visual adjustment and settings guide.

    Labex Comfort grants you more with the two speech buttons. The two ready-to-use speech buttons allow you to switch the sound immediately. The volume and pitch of the sound can be set for each speech button independently. All Labex Comfort devices come with preset values for the speech buttons. The first speech button is for use in a noisy environment. And the second one - is for indoor use. It is really simple to adjust the device. Just follow the video instructions. There is no limit to how many times you can change the settings.

    Labex Harmony

    Labex Harmony electrolarynx device - Visual adjustment and settings guide.

    Harmony comes with an integrated high-capacity Li-Ion battery with a USB recharging feature. It just looks great! The tactile sensation of the buttons brings pure pleasure.

    Labex Inspiration

    Labex Inspiration electrolarynx device - Visual adjustment and settings guide.

    Here you can find the step-by-step instructions about changing as well as updating the current mode of operation of Labex Inspiration Electrolarynx.

    Labex Inspiration electrolarynx - Visual guide on the possibilities of this device.

    Inspiration is the most advanced electrolarynx on the market. It gives the opportunity to express your emotions while speaking by changing the tone or volume of the sound. You have more than 30 hours of speech time per charge at your disposal! With a single charge, you can use the device for more than a week. The charge can be made from any USB port. This includes a smartphone charger, a car charger, etc. Another feature is the battery discharge level check. It can be done at any moment. In this video, you will see the different possibilities the device provides.

    Labex Inspiration electrolarynx

    Here is an example video of how to change the base pitch of Labex Inspiration electrolarynx.

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