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Self-assistance for the Labex Comfort Electrolarynx

In this short video, you can see the normal course of the initial startup for Labex Comfort electrolarynx.
Basically, еvery time you put a charged battery into the device you will see the green LED lights and at the same time, a short and quiet sound will be emitted.
This procedure helps you see, feel, and ensure that the device is working properly.

Please pay attention to the following important points shown in this video:

  1. The green LED lits for a second when connecting the battery.  This indicates that the battery is in the right polarity and is charged.
    • If the battery discharge level is close to low, the RED "battery" LED  will light up together with the green one.
    • If the GREEN LED does not light up, then the device is not properly powered. It is possible that the battery was inserted in the wrong direction, or there is some issue with the battery, and you have to exchange it.
  2. A short popping sound appears when connecting the battery. This indicates all hardware is working properly.
  3. The green LED lights up while the speech button is pressed. This indicates the button works the right way.

If not everything looks the same way with your device then we recommend reverting all the settings to the factory default values.
You can perform all adjustments unlimited times, including the factory reset operation. Here is a short video on how to do that:

You can perform all adjustments unlimited times, including the factory reset operation.
If the mentioned above advice does not solve the issue you have, then we recommend you record a similar video with your cell phone to show the problem you face. Contact our support system and create a ticket. Provide us with a clear description of your problem and with a video to let us determine the right way to assist you.
Please note that from the video we should be able to see the serial number from the inside of the device.

Get assistance

Please consider joining our Labex Support Center for Laryngectomee FB group:.