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  • Labex Inspiration Electrolarynx

    Buy online Electrolarynx - Labex Inspiration - designed for people who are really looking to be inspired.

    Labex Trade gives you the opportunity to buy online your electrolarynx. Its unique ability to allow intuitive change of intonation while speaking is invaluable for musicians, artists, people who often speak in front of an audience, and for all who want the maximum of life. The long talk time guarantees its comfortable use for a long period of time. This device is more of a tool and requires more effort to master its capabilities.



    Touch sensitive




    160 g


    The most advanced electrolarynx on the market

    • Superior voice-matching capabilities.
    • Touch-enabled control.
    • Smart Start mode lets the electrolarynx start from the moment it touches the neck.
    • The huge battery capacity of 3300 mAh. (Should last two weeks normal use with a single battery charge).
    • Ergonomic premium-built metal construction.
    • The multiple distinctive operating modes allow the user to personalize the instrument to their preferences.
    • Longest battery life in the market, with more than 500 charging lifecycles. (Equivalent to about 10 years of normal use).
    • 100% fully charged in 2.5 hours.
    • USB charging ensures a high level of portability and convenience.
    • Easy-to-read LED battery level indicator.
    • Labex Trade gives you the opportunity to buy online your electrolarynx.
    • 2 year warranty.


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    The one-of-a-kind Labex Inspiration electrolarynx enables you to control the volume or pitch of the tone, allowing for nuanced speech that is rich and expressive. This speech aid uses the peak technologies to bring you longer speech time, and the option to have intonation in your speech again. This speech aid with its state-of-the-art design and intuitive management gives you both a more natural-sounding conversation and pure pleasure to use.

    Labex Inspiration Electrolarynx buy online, Labex Trade

    Labex Inspiration offers more options than any other model electrolarynges on the market. If you are still not sure you wanna buy an electrolarynx online, check out its additional features:

    • You need to express your emotions better;
    • You need more speech time;
    • You like modern technologies and prefer to communicate in a more effective and modern manner.

    Inspiration electrolarynx is a powerful device that gives you the ability to creatively communicate with others in an expressive manner in a more natural-sounding conversation.

    With its convenient and intuitive touch panel, you can change the pitch or the volume of the tone while speaking.  All you do to change the tone (pitch) or the volume is slide your finger freely up - down on the slider.

    The science behind Inspiration’s unique capability is based on multiple laryngectomy patient studies. These studies revealed that the feature most users want in an electrolarynx is intonation control.

    Another feature is the touch-sensor on the top cap of the electrolarynx. You could set it to act as a start-stop function then there is no need for you to turn the sound on or off, as it intelligently senses when it is touching your neck.

    Inspiration also has a touch function on the top cap that reads if the electrolarynx touches the skin. You can use this as a start/stop button to start the sound when touched and stop it if de-touched, providing additional functionality and control.

    Inspiration electrolarynx comes with four distinct intonation variations modes: Regular, Linear, East-Asian, and Tonal. Each one of these modes enables you to modulate your voice in a different manner. Make sure you select the one that suits you best, so do not be afraid to experiment with the different modes to find your ‘match.’

    Labex Inspiration is the most powerful and innovative speech aid on the market, as it combines the latest technology backed by research seamlessly married with intelligent design.

    Here is the short adjustments video guide:

    The modes of operation of Inspiration Electrolarynx.

    The everyday usage of Labex Inspiration Electrolarynx is simple. The user can Start/Stop the sound, change the tone or the volume while speaking, and check the battery discharge level. However, the device can offer the user some options about how the change of the position of the finger on the slider reflects the behavior of the device.

    Thus we have different type modes:

    • 4 modes with Intonation variations - #1, #2, #4, #5
    • 1 Dynamic volume mode - #3
    • 3 Settings modes - #6, #7, #8

    List of all 8 modes of operation by the order to enter them in the adjustment menu.

    #1 Standard intonation mode.
    #2 Linear intonation mode.
    #3 Volume mode.
    #4 East Asian modulation.
    #5 Musical notes D Major mode.
    #6 Automatic START/STOP source switch.
    #7 Factory reset.
    #8 Base Pitch Select.

    There truly is nothing quite like it! So go ahead, buy online your electrolarynx and find your voice with Labex Inspiration.

    Be creative, be powerful, be inspired.



    List of all 8 modes of operation

    1. Standard intonation mode: Regardless of where you touch on the slider, the sound will start at the same Base Pitch. Sliding your finger up and down will raise or lower the pitch, respectively.
    2. Linear intonation mode: Тhe pitch of the sound depends on the position of the finger at which you touch the slider. Touching close to the top will give a higher start pitch, touching close to the bottom will set the initial pitch lower. Then you can slide your finger up and down to change the pitch higher and lower, respectively.
    3. Volume mode: Sliding the finger up and down on the slider changes the volume up and down, respectively. The pitch remаins unchanged and flat, equal to the last used pitch.
    4. East Asian modulation: The slider is separated into five distinct zones with flat tones and quick transitions in between. This mode is specifically designed for East Asian languages.
    5. Musical notes mode: The slider is divided into 8 zones and each presents one note from the D Major range.
    6. Automatic START/STOP source switch:
      Choosing this mode will switch the source for the automatic START/STOP function. Entering this mode will exchange the control point between the slider and the top of the working cap. When the Top cap is enabled, the device will start producing sound automatically as soon as you press the Top cap to your neck. To go back to starting the sound from the touch slider, select the mode one more time.
    7. Factory reset: Choosing this option will reset the device to its factory settings.
    8. Base Pitch Select:
      Base Pitch is the starting pitch in the Standard Intonation mode and the
      pitch of the middle of the slider in the Linear Intonation mode.
      When this option is selected, the device will start emitting sound on its own. Slide your finger up and down the slider to change the pitch. When you reach the desired pitch, press the SETTINGS button to confirm it.

    NOTE: You can switch the source for the automatic START/STOP function, regardless of which intonation variation is currently active.