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  • New Distributors

    The Most Frequent Questions from new distributors, in brief

    Labex Trade provides electrolarynx devices for distributors.

    Tell us about the company. What should we know about Labex Trade?

    Labex Trade is a modern company with a young, ambitious team extremely motivated to take this market segment to a new technological level by developing high-quality production.
    We are a company that values people’s need to express themselves. We also aim to change the working ethics of giant companies.
    We believe that the integration of peak technologies will improve the lives of our customers. By setting an example of quality, we guarantee success.

    To ensure that our work is always at its best, we work in compliance with international standards with an established quality management system. We try to keep up with innovations in business management, especially to employ highly qualified staff who understand the values of the company and contribute to the high results.
    Distributors are an essential part of our work/family that can always rely on us. We work very closely with them, ensuring their success, regardless of whether they are small and starting, or an experienced company.

    Why did you choose this kind of product – electrolarynx devices?

    Far back in 2014, at the time of deciding which product to focus on, the last development in this field was in 2002. We saw that the development of such devices had been neglected. This made us sad because speech is one of the main ways to connect with the world. Through speech, we connect with other people and express ourselves, and this sector was struggling. Overall, electrolarynx devices were just a blatantly abandoned segment of the market in terms of investing in R&D.

    Why was this market sector was neglected back then?

    It is considered that this market segment is narrow and difficult. New surgical procedures are also entering the market. This, we suppose, has led large companies to refrain from investing in new product development.
    Since the product is not mass, the rapid growth of the market is technically hard.
    We figured out that if that market segment was not good enough for large corporations, it is ideally suited for a smaller company.

    Where are you now?

    We have developed excellent products. They are the result of hard work, many failures, and tons of research and feedback. Some of them have no analog on the global market.

    We are currently the technological leaders in that market segment.

    Is there any competition?

    Yes, definitely. The market existed without us - it was already distributed and relatively calm. Our appearance shifted the layers. The launch of the model Labex Inspiration forced the leading players to do something. The American competitor sold its production to a distribution chain, and the German one launched a new product, which compensated for the main weaknesses of the previous model. But each item in our product line offers better performance.

    Electrolarynx for distributors: What can new distributors expect?

    Labex brand distributors can easily offer their customers world-top-class products with excellent support. Satisfied customers are a great boon and pleasure for any company.

    Our distributors can count on the full traceability of each device in our ERP system, as well as on the careful treatment of every detail of the sales process embedded in our CRM system. We have clear rules and also we developed support procedures for every stage of cooperation. Including sales, warranty, and post-warranty support. All these rules and procedures are set in our distributor agreements.

    Our pricing policy allows us to offer the products at more affordable prices. Our distributors are gaining reputation and positions in the regional markets.

    We have a perfectly balanced product line, and we can offer quality products for every taste and every price preference.

    Our Digital and Comfort models are in the lower price range. But both are stable and reliable digital electrolarynx devices with easy customization and extended talk time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Our  Harmony and Inspiration models are high-tech products with inspiring design and functionality. They are the first on the market with a high-capacity non-removable battery. Also, they provide extremely long talk time and they are the best on the market.

    Electrolarynx devices for new distributors: check out our support and contact page for new customers!

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