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  • New Spanish User Manuals are Available for Download

    New Spanish User Manuals Labex Trade

    New Spanish User Manuals are Available for Download Hello Everyone. We are happy to announce that the Spanish translations of all User Manuals is complete and are available for download on our website here: Hola a todos, Nos complace anunciar que las traducciones al español de todos los manuales de usuario están completas y están disponibles para … Read more

    Updated Warranty Policy, Feb 2021

    Updated Warranty Policy Feb 2021, Labex Trade

    Updated Warranty Policy Every detail is explained in understandable language in our updated warranty policy & user manuals. If you are already our customer and own a Labex branded device, you can get a Promo Code for 20% off when buying a new device from the site. In our warranty policy, you can find details regarding the conditions the warranty … Read more

    Self-Assistant Pages Available

    Self Assistant Pages Available Labex Trade

    Self-Assistant Pages Available We have created a self-assistance page on the site for self-diagnostics that aims to aid the end-users. As well as the distributors how our devices function. The purpose of the page is to show the correct operation of the device and what the indications mean: when it blinks, when it’s turned on, when it … Read more

    Labex Inspiration vs. TruTone Review – What to choose?

    Labex Inspiration and TruTone Review – What to choose?, Labex Trade

    Labex Inspiration vs. TruTone Review – What to choose? In the digital electrolarynx world, Labex Inspiration and TruTone are often compared. Both these devices give the user not only the ability to speak but also to express emotion using variable pitch. Although they have this similar feature, these devices are vastly different. Let’s look at … Read more

    Choosing The Right Electrolarynx

    Choosing the right electrolarynx - Laryngectomy and Electrolarynx guide, Labex Trade

    Choosing The Right Electrolarynx – Laryngectomy and Electrolarynx guide Choosing the right electrolarynx could be a hard task. There are different brands and models with different looks and feels to them. Your speech therapist will most likely give you several to try and choose from, however, in order to make this critical choice, you need … Read more