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  • Effective Smell and Taste Recovery Techniques for Laryngectomees

    Smell and taste recovery techniques for laryngectomees, Labex Trade

    Effective Smell and Taste Recovery Techniques for Laryngectomy Patients Introduction: Laryngectomy, a surgical treatment for laryngeal cancer, often leads to the loss of smell and taste sensation due to altered airflow patterns. Here, laryngectomy patients, or laryngectomees, will discover essential care tips and techniques to facilitate effective smell and taste recovery post-surgery. Loss of Smell … Read more

    Impact of Head and Neck Cancer Treatment on Quality of Life

    Career After Laryngectomy And How To Find A Job, Labex Trade

    Impact of Head and Neck Cancer Treatment on Quality of Life Head and neck cancer and its treatment can significantly alter vital functions such as breathing, feeding, oral communication, and social interaction. These changes, coupled with the modified appearance and voice, can impose limitations on the patient’s everyday life and affect their overall well-being. Understanding … Read more

    Skin And Mouth Recovery From Radiation

    Skin And Mouth Recovery From Radiation, Labex Trade

    Practical advice During the aftermath of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan, following World War II, a remarkable discovery was made: immersing irradiated skin in a bath with a bicarbonate of soda solution proved to be remarkably effective in cleansing and rejuvenating the skin and stomach, preserving their elasticity. Despite its efficacy, this simple yet … Read more

    Unlocking Optimal Nutrition: Essential Strategies

    Nutrition Before And After Laryngectomy Operation are important for every laryngectomee, Labex Trade

    Maintaining adequate eating habits as a laryngectomee Increase Fluid Intake: Since laryngectomees may have difficulty swallowing, it’s important to consume plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. Sipping water throughout the day, consuming soups, broths, and hydrating fruits like watermelon can help meet fluid needs. Frequent, Small Meals: Due to challenges with swallowing and reduced stomach … Read more

    Daily Routines After Laryngectomy And How To Cope With The Changes

    Daily RoutinDaily Routines After Laryngectomy And How To Cope With The Changes, Labex Trade

    Daily Routines After Laryngectomy And How To Cope With The Changes This short article describes the troubles laryngectomees face after partial or total laryngectomy. How To Cope With The Changes? Life undergoes significant changes following a total or partial laryngectomy, primarily due to the lasting effects of radiation and surgery. Radiation therapy can lead to muscle … Read more

    How To Clean The Stoma

    How To Clean The Stoma, Labex Trade

    Cleaning the stoma is an essential part of stoma care following ostomy surgery. While it may seem daunting at first, with proper technique and care, it can become a routine part of your daily hygiene regimen. Here are some tips on how to clean the stoma effectively: Use gentle materials: When cleaning the stoma, avoid … Read more

    Laryngectomee Breathing During Showers

    Laryngectomee Breathing During Showers

    Breathing During Showers for Laryngectomee You can wear an unique cover that is developed to keep water far from the stoma and safely breath during showers! What is Laryngectomy. Laryngectomy is the surgical elimination of the throat. The person who has the procedure is called a “laryngectomee”. The larynx is the “voice box” or the … Read more

    Speaking on the Phone

    Speaking on the phone guide for Laryngectomy and Electrolarynx - Labex Trade

    Navigating phone conversations can present challenges for individuals who have undergone laryngectomy surgery. Here are some tips and resources to improve communication during phone calls: Understanding the Challenges: Laryngectomy surgery can affect vocal cords, making speech less intelligible over the phone. Lack of comprehension from the listener can lead to frustration for both parties. Tips … Read more

    Using saline solution

    Using saline solution - Laryngectomy and Electrolarynx guide, Labex Trade

    Using saline solution – Laryngectomy and Electrolarynx guide Maintaining adequate humidity is crucial for protecting the stoma during the healing process and acclimation to breathing dry air. Using a saline solution is highly effective in keeping the stoma moist and healthy. Spraying the saline solution into the stoma 1 to 3 times every 2 to … Read more

    Laryngectomee and Humidity

    Moisturized Breathing Air - Humidity And You, Labex Trade

    Moisturized Breathing Air In a typical breathing process, air passes through the nose and mouth, getting filtered and humidified before reaching the lungs. This ensures warm and moisturized air for breathing. However, laryngectomy patients lack this natural filtration and humidification process due to a surgically placed stoma. Consequently, their lungs produce more mucus to compensate, … Read more

    Laryngectomy – Stoma Care

    Stoma Care - Laryngectomy and Electrolarynx guide, Labex Trade

    Basic Stoma Care Patients who undergo complete laryngectomy will have a surgically created opening in their neck called a stoma, essential for normal breathing. Proper care of the stoma is crucial, and patients should receive guidance from a healthcare professional to prevent infection and breathing issues. Regular observation of the stoma and tracheal wall is … Read more

    Recovery After Surgery

    Recovery After Surgery - Laryngectomy and Electrolarynx guide, Labex Trade

    Post-Surgery Recovery The larynx, nestled in the neck, serves crucial functions like sound production, swallowing, and breathing. Following a laryngectomy, patients may experience swelling, numbness, or bruising around the incision site, accompanied by varying degrees of discomfort. Pain and anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed to manage these symptoms, which typically persist for a few weeks. … Read more