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How to find the sweet spot

Learning how to speak with an Electrolarynx

Learning how to speak consists of 2 parts:

  1. Finding the sweet spot - the place on the neck with the best sound transmission.
  2. Good articulation with a slow speed in the beginning.

Playing with the adjustments will not help until you don't achieve good speaking skills.

A video from Vania Novakova in Bulgarian with subtitles in English, Spanish and Portuguese. This interview will help you understand how to find the "sweet spot". The device is the Labex Comfort electrolarynx.

A sweet spot is called a place on the throat area where you feel the sound from the electrolarynx transmits through the neck tissue and out of the oral cavity with the most clarity.

Finding a sweet spot is key to the successful use of an electrolarynx. To worth, the time and efforts and you'll be more than satisfied by the result. All you need is patience and Praktica.

The easiest way to find your sweet spot is by tightly pressing the electrolarynx Top Cap in different locations on your neck area and articulating a single vowel "A" while pressing a speech button.

What you are looking for is the place on your neck, which best transmits the sound. While looking for a sweet spot, it is crucial to press the device tightly against your neck tissue so the sound transmits through your tissue and out of your oral cavity. Take your time finding your sweet spot – this is the most important part of learning to use an electrolarynx. Finding just the right place will set you up for success.

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