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Labex vs. Trutone – which electrolarynx to choose

Labex vs. Trutone - comparisson between the electrolarynx devices

“Exploring the World of Electrolarynx Devices” – Labex vs. Trutone Dive into the fascinating realm of electrolarynx devices, where we’ll compare two cutting-edge brands of speech aids, Labex vs. Trutone. Discover how these cutting-edge speech aids are transforming the lives of individuals seeking enhanced communication. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the features to … Read more

Labex Inspiration vs. TruTone Review – What to choose?

Labex Inspiration and TruTone Review – What to choose?, Labex Trade

Labex Inspiration vs. TruTone Review – What to choose? In the digital electrolarynx world, Labex Inspiration and TruTone are often compared. Both these devices give the user not only the ability to speak but also to express emotion using variable pitch. Although they have this similar feature, these devices are vastly different. Let’s look at … Read more

Choosing The Right Electrolarynx

Choosing the right electrolarynx - Laryngectomy and Electrolarynx guide, Labex Trade

Choosing The Right Electrolarynx – Laryngectomy and Electrolarynx guide Choosing the right electrolarynx could be a hard task. There are different brands and models with different looks and feels to them. Your speech therapist will most likely give you several to try and choose from, however, in order to make this critical choice, you need … Read more