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Our clients who are using Labex Electrolarynx devices

On this page, you can see videos of our clients who are using Labex Electrolarynx devices. 

An electrolarynx technology is one of three options for voice rehabilitation after a laryngectomy. Some people utilize it as their exclusive way of communication, while others use an electrolarynx as a backup in cases where speaking with a voice prosthesis is not viable.

This approach includes the use of a portable external device that produces vibration when pressed on the skin of the neck - the so-called "sweet spot". The tongue and lips shape the vibrating sound produced by the electrolarynx and convert it into understandable speech.

It should be noted that the electrolarynx produces a tinny, rather "robotic" sound that may be adjusted to some extent.

Learning how to speak with an Electrolarynx speech aid device

A video from Vania Novakova in Bulgarian with subtitles in English
This interview will explain to you how to find the "sweet spot".
The device is a Labex Comfort electrolarynx.

Denis Morekov uses the model Comfort

Moscow, Russian Federation
in Russian language

Денис Мореков пользуется голосообразующим аппаратом Comfort

Москва, Россия
На русском

Labex Test Hennie Knops 01 04 2022

Hennie Knops shares his first impressions

Hennie Knops shares his first impressions about updated Labex electrolarynges Labex Digital, Laben Harmony, and Labex Inspiration on 01 04 2022

He speaks English.


Hennie Knops uses an Inspiration electrolarynx

The conversation goes in English.

There are subtitles available in English and Spanish.

Speech with a Labex Digital device in Indian language

In case you have any issues with your device you can visit our self-assistance pages or create a ticket on our support system.

If the advice on the Self-Assistance pages does not fix your problem, we recommend that you shoot a video using your phone to describe the situation. Create a service ticket using our support system. Kindly offer us a detailed description of your issue, as well as a video to help us find the best method to assist you.

Please keep in mind that the serial number from the interior of the equipment should be visible in the video.

If you are not sure what is the perfect EL for you, please read our article and comparison between the EL models.


Please consider joining our Labex Support Center for Laryngectomee FB group:.