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  • Warranty replacement procedure

    A big step toward superior customers' support

    Online Device Replacement Procedure during the warranty period, effective from 15.10.2021


    So far, we have provided the laryngectomy patients with more speech time than anyone before, our speech aid devices work with a reliable tone, and the different settings can be changed at any point, as many times as needed. We developed electronic devices that are comfortable for usage and durable.

    Now, we want to further secure our customer service by providing factory-guaranteed, 24/7, ultrafast assistance of the highest standard. Our goal is to deliver the quickest and most effective way of troubleshooting management.

    This procedure aims to increase the level of customer service for LABEX electrolarynges to excellent. We know how important it is for our customers to constantly have a working electrical larynx with them and we work in this direction.

    You can see useful videos 24/7 at labextrade.com on how your device should work. The short time for self-assistance could solve 8 of 10 cases. If not, you provide us with a short video to show us the issue. Our official technical support will revise the case and issue a Remote Diagnostics Protocol (RDP).

    As part of thе drive to constantly improve, the new device replacement procedure shall facilitate the Distributor’s work, freeing them of the technical part of the diagnostics, decision-making for the device status, support, and repair services.

    We are so confident in the quality of our electrolarynx speech aid devices that we can offer replacement of a malfunctioned device with a brand new one during the warranty period, that is if the unit has been used according to the warranty policy, available in the User Manual and on our website.

    The replacement procedure described here is neither mandatory nor the only possible one. It does not cancel the standard repair procedures, nor the conditions of the already concluded contracts. It is an inspiring option that we can afford to offer to our customers.

    The Remote Diagnostic Protocol (RDP) can have the following outcomes:

    1. If the malfunctioned device is in its warranty period and the conditions of the Limited Warranty are met – a free replacement with a new one should be performed.
    2. If the malfunctioned device is in its warranty period, but the conditions of the Limited Warranty are voided, then there are 2 options:
        • to exchange it for a new one at a 50% discounted price.
        • to perform a paid repair at the facility.
    3. If the malfunctioned device is out of warranty – you can choose between the following options:
        • paid repair in our authorized center;
        • a code for a 20% discount under the Loyal Customer Program for purchasing a new device online.

    Detailed steps on how to show us your case

    Your original electrolarynx box has a QR code marked as “Support”. Scan the barcode with your phone. It will take you to your device-specific page on our site.

    If you do not have a QR code, simply visit https://labextrade.com and search for the “Check for Assistance” page in the “Support” menu.

    Please use the short specially prepared videos to familiarise yourselves with the way the device works and the signals it gives you. The tips and tricks given can help for immediate troubleshooting, without the need to contact the Distributor. This could save time for difficult explanations and money to ship.

    These few minutes solve the issues in 80% of cases. The abnormal operation of devices often comes from an incomplete or wrong understanding of how they should work.

    On the support page (support.labextrade.com), you can submit a ticket, providing the most complete information about the case according to the instructions on this page. Please provide us with a short video, made similarly to the self-support videos.

    Our support team will respond within two working days with an RDP or a proposal for a solution.

    Benefits for the Distributors

    The Distributor can support their end customers without training and maintaining a technical team. There is no need for a specialized workplace, as they will use the manufacturer’s consultation free of charge.

    The Distributor always sends to the user only new speech aid devices, in case of any problems within the warranty period.

    The Distributor has customers who are well-acquainted with their devices and able to troubleshoot these devices quickly and on their own. Essentially, these are satisfied customers.

    This procedure assures the minimal commitment of the Distributor’s time and resources for the maintenance of LABEX electronic larynges, allowing them to focus on their primary job – the development of the sales process.

    Distributor actions

    1. If the customer has chosen to return the malfunctioned device to his seller, the Distributor needs to register the malfunctioned device for the Customer by following the steps described above. In this case, the Distributor will receive a Remote Diagnostic Protocol (RDP) with resolvent offers from our Repair Center.
    2. If the customer has already registered the malfunctioned device in our Support System and has an RDP – the Distributor will receive the RDP with resolvent offers from our Repair Center.
    3. The RDP is the official confirmation to let replacement, as Labex will replace the unit with the Distributor within his next order. Upon receiving this, the Distributor has to exchange the unit from their warehouse according to the replacement instructions from the email received.
    4. The Distributor needs to keep the exchanged devices with them until their return request from the manufacturer.

    The manufacturer’s support includes:

    • To organize and maintain an online diagnostics system and a ticket support system for each registered problem.
    • Provide the box of every unit with a relevant QR code for direct access to the device-specific support page.
    • To organize quick remote diagnostics for all the registered problems, issue a Remote Diagnostic Protocol, as well as update the changes of the warranty periods into the unified Production and Support System.
    • To send the replacement devices in accordance with the issued protocols (if any) with the first shipment to the Distributor.