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  • Get Assistance

    Get Assistance with your electrolarynx

    In case of a technical issue please select your device

    You can get assistance for your electrolarynx in the model-dependent pages. There you will find detailed information about how your electrolarynx should work, the diagnostic signals you can read, and what adjustments can help you solve the issue you have in minutes.

    Self-assistance for Labex Digital

    Get Assistance for your electrolarynx, Labex Digital

    Self-assistance for Labex Comfort

    Get Assistance for your electrolarynx, Labex Comfort

    Self-assistance for Labex Harmony

    Get Assistance for your electrolarynx, Labex Harmony

    Self-assistance for Labex Inspiration

    Get Assistance for your electrolarynx, Labex Inspiration

    You can check our Frequently Asked Questions page, too.

    Please find the video tutorials on how to set your electrolarynx.

    If the advice on Self-assistance pages does not resolve your problem, we propose that you record a video using your phone to explain the issue. Create a ticket with our support system. Please provide us with a complete description of your problem, аs well as a video, so that we can determine the best way to help you.

    Please note that the serial number from the inside of the equipment should be visible in the video.

    Other technical requests please send to our tickets-support system.

    If you are not sure what is the perfect EL for you, please read our article and comparison between the EL models.