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Digital Generation Electrolarynges - Labex brand 

 Labex Trade Electrolarynx, Labex CEO with Comfort & Digital Electrolarynges, Labex Trade

Labex Trade Ltd. specializes in the development and production of its brand of electrolarynx devices.

The company's goal is to create a different generation of state-of-the-art digital electrolarynges providing a stable speaking tone, expression options, and a more comfortable life to laryngectomees at an affordable price.

In all these years, with each step we take, we confirm and strengthen our decision to do something meaningful for the laryngectomees.

DIFFERENT speech-aid devices LABEX

All electrolarynges serve individuals who have undergone laryngectomy, restoring their speaking ability. These devices share a common design, featuring battery-powered cylindrical bodies equipped with control buttons for initiating and halting sound production.

A notable enhancement we've introduced is the integration of cutting-edge digital technologies, enabling extended speech duration and providing patients with a range of intonational options. Our pride lies in the fact that two out of three electrolarynges in the market have been developed in-house, within our Research and Development (R&D) department, and are certified by the Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001:2015 since 2015.

Embarking on this journey from scratch in 2014 presented challenges, including defining the source of sound quality, ensuring the longevity and durability of our devices, and optimizing battery efficiency. Furthermore, the niche market was dominated by large sales corporations.

Presently, we are a technological frontrunner in the electrolarynx domain, compelling competitors to revamp their longstanding models. Key milestones include the launch of our inaugural model, Comfort, in 2015, boasting 4 hours of clear speech time per charge (compared to competitors' 1.5 – 2 hours) and two adjustable sound parameter speech buttons.

The subsequent release of the Inspiration model in January 2016 shattered industry norms with an unprecedented speech duration of 30+ hours per charge and a unique intonation feature allowing users to modulate pitch during speech by sliding a finger across the control panel.

Our latest offering, the Extra Electrolarynx, unveiled in November 2022, empowers users to modify intonation dynamically by adjusting pressure on the speech button. Notably, only three electrolarynges worldwide offer intonational speech for laryngectomy patients, with Labex Trade Ltd. having designed and produced two out of the three.

With five distinct models in our product line, there's a device tailored to suit every taste and preference. This diversity empowers individuals to select the device that best aligns with their needs and preferences, ensuring satisfaction and contentment with their choice.

Hennie Knops checks the Labex Electrolarynxes product line

Hennie Knops from the Netherlands checks the electrolarynges

The first impressions video is a very good example of the usage of the different models of electrolarynx devices and expressing better their emotions while speaking with the Inspiration model
The microphone is not obligatory, it is just Hennie's preference.

Labex Trade Electrolarynx: Comfort Electrolarynx Demo

Denis Marekov from Moscow uses Comfort electrolarynx

Denis is a very special person. He and his wife Yulia travel all around Russia to help patients with a larynx cancer to make the decision to undertake laryngectomy. Many people are grateful to him for giving them hope and support to go on living.

Labex electrolarynges: Benefits for our customers that bring our product line of new generyation Fully Digital electrolarynges

Benefits of Digital Products Line for our customers - a 2021 seminar

Interview with the founder of Labex Trade Ltd. presents the goals of the company and the main benefits of each electrolarynx in the product line: Digital, Comfort, Harmony, and Inspiration.

INSPIRATION Electrolarynx

Labex Trade Electrolarynx, Labex Inspiration Electrolarynx, Labex Trade

Change intonation while you are speaking

Our intuitive Touch Technology makes it easy to change intonation only with a touch! Just slide your finger up and down the electrolarynx touch panel. Inspiration electrolarynx facilitates the expression of your emotions while speaking.


While Inspiration can be used in a flat tone, like any other electrolarynx, you will also be able to use a dynamic change of tone to express your emotions. Our digital technology and precise touch/slide control give the user ultimate control of the intonation and volume.

Different intonation modes

There are different dynamics of changing the tone while sliding the finger up and down the Control Panel. Depending on the selected mode of operation, you can choose among Default, Linear, Tonal, Asian intonation, or Dynamic Volume. You have no limit on how many times you can switch between the modes.

Price € 599

Learn More about Inspiration

HARMONY electrolarynx

Labex Trade Electrolarynx, Labex Harmony Electrolarynx, Labex Trade

Designed to please

Every detail is carefully manufactured to make the ideal speech aid. From the precisely machined aluminum buttons that have just the right texture to the soft glowing LED indicator, this electrolarynx will give you tactile pleasure.

Outstanding battery

30+ hours of speech time with a single charge. You can use your electrolarynx for a week or two without worrying about charging it. The battery will last more than 500+ charge cycles which allows you 500 weeks (about 10 years) of usage.

Robust metal construction

The premium construction, combined with the robust design, make the Harmony electrolarynx pleasant to hold in your hand and use.​

Sound & customization

Experience a soft and natural voice. Customize every button to have a unique voice signature that suits you.

Price € 499

Learn More about the Harmony

Change the intonation while speaking

The EXTRA allows speaking with intonation thus expressing better emotions. You can modify the tone by changing the pressure on the speech button. That simple!

Another inspiring option

In case you are looking for some inspiring options in your everyday communications, this is the alternative of Labex Inspiration and Trutone Emote. The 3 electrolarynges listed above are the ONLY devices in the world that let laryngectomees change the tone while speaking, and 2 of these 3 models are Labex products!

Light and Reliable

Labex EXTRA is one of the lightest electrolarynges on the market - weighing just 75 grams without the battery. It fits easily in your hand, and with its robust construction, the Extra electrolarynx is hassle-free to use.

IP53 covered 

This means that it will withstand sweat, light rain, and dust, keeping it protected during daily usage.

Price € 659

Learn More about Extra

Two-button design

Feel confident talking with others in any environment - the two-button design of the Labex Comfort electrolarynx can facilitate your communication in different environments. You can set one button for noisy environments, and another one for quiet ones. This makes it comfortable to talk anywhere and find the right volume instantly.


Two rechargeable 9V Li-Ion batteries and an intelligent charger station come in the box. When the battery runs out, just swap it with a recharged one, and put the discharged battery in the slot of the charging station. Each battery provides 4+ hours of speech time with a single recharge. The Labex Comfort works with all kinds of 9V batteries, too.

Easy to use and configure

With the Labex Comfort speech aid, you will resume talking in no time! It is easy to set the volume level and pitch. The design is so user-friendly that anyone can customize the device to suit their needs without any difficulties.

Price € 399

Learn More about Comfort

Easy to use

Our Digital model is designed with maximum convenience in mind. It is absolutely ready and easy to use - no configuration is necessary to start speaking! This laryngectomy speech aid works straight out of the box. In case you are looking for the most simple to use of electrolarynx, as well as the most reliable one, Labex Digital is your unit.

Water and dust-resistant

Labex Digital device was granted an IP 54 water and dust-resistance certification. This means that it will withstand sweat, light rain, as well as dust, keeping it protected during daily usage.

Small & Light

Labex Comfort is one of the lightest electrolarynges on the market - weighing just 73 grams [2.6 2 oz]. It fits easily in the hand with a height of just 10 cm [4 inches]. This speech aid is designed with ultimate portability in mind! It comes with a lanyard to wear comfortably around the neck. This makes your speech aid handier, so you can speak at any time. Price € 299 Learn More about Digital

Foam filters

Foam Filter

Protect your stoma from cold air and dust.

Learn More About Foam filters

Shower cover

Shower Cover

Protect your stoma
during showers.

Learn More About Shower cover

Stoma cover

Stoma Cover

Visually protect your

Learn More About Stoma cover

Why we are producing electrolarynges LABEX

We got familiar with the problems that laryngectomees face next to the surgery. Real stress!

When we started developing speech devices in 2014, we found that for the last 12 years, there were no new devices introduced onto the market for laryngectomy patients in the world. The electrolarynx speech-aids in 2014 offered real-time speech time from an hour and a half to two hours. The EL's batteries were very expensive and with inefficient capacity. We decided this could be improved.

Of course, there were good speech-aid models from an engineering point of view. These models have already taken their market share.
Thus it became clear to us that we had to produce devices with significantly better parameters and unsurpassed options worldwide in order to be successful. In addition, we should offer patients exactly what they need.

Electrolarynges developed and produced by Labex by functionality

  • Our research has shown that most people who use a speech aid want to be able to change their intonation during speech.
  • Everyone agrees that the patients will love to have more talking time and cheaper batteries.
  • Equally important is the ratio of speech to side noise. Due to the technology used external noise is not entirely avoidable.
  • In addition to all this, we invested our desire to create the lightest and smallest electrolarynges in the world.

Obviously, all these goals were solvable with the use of modern digital technologies.

So we decided to develop and produce modern digital devices with an excellent tone, functional design, robust construction, and options that significantly exceed the performance of the devices currently sold. And we did it. We forced the competitors to improve their products and offer more. Labex is certainly a step forward.

To produce robust electrolarynges that consumers will love.

We have developed and are offering our range of modern and reliable digital speech-aid devices. The first appearance of our Inspiration electrolarynx in 2016 agitated the market and forced our main competitors to urgently start developing new models. Some of them sold their businesses and others tried to modernize what they had already developed.

Labex Distribution Network   

We sell in more than 36 countries around the world and are constantly expanding our presence in new markets. Our well-balanced Product Line, The high quality of our products together with impressive distribution prices make our electrolarynges easy and fast to sell. We have defined our clear and transparent distribution policy with better price conditions per volume of sales.

We provide quick and efficient end-user support online free of charge.

If you are an end-user looking for our local representative do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form on our website.

We have a special program for promotional persons worldwide, based on win-win principles. You can get in touch by filling out the Contact form for Distributors.

Labex Trade Electrolarynx: New Generation Digital Electrolarynxes

Labex Distributor Network Expansion Webinar Nov 2020

We have high-quality electrolarynxes. As a producer, we can offer special low prices and great support WW. Learn about the opportunities to Join the Labex Distributor Network and the Benefits this can bring you.

Labex Trade Electrolarynx: New Generation Digital Electrolarynxes

Talk with Hennie Knops, Netherlands

A video conversation between the Labex team and Hennie Knops from the Netherlands. Hennie uses Inspiration's ability to change intonation while speaking very well. The intuitive touch control of this speech aid allows the user to express their emotions better while speaking with an electrolarynx.

Labex Trade Electrolarynx: New Generation Digital Electrolarynxes

Check the Labex Channel on Youtube for more videos

On our YouTube Chanel you can find useful videos on adjusting your electrolarynx as well as samples of users speaking with our devices in different languages.


The factory warranty of all Labex electrolarynges is 2 years. It is a nontransferable limited warranty.

  • The electrolarynx devices are in permanent contact with the skin of the neck. Thus we assume that these are personal use devices. Giving to another person violates the hygienic rule and the warranty conditions.
  • The warranty does not cover any unauthorized opening of the electrolarynx or repairs, cases of submerging it into a liquid as well as user damage.

Labex elelctrolarynges are in a very robust housing, produced from high-quality materials.  They are equipped into the box with everything the laryngectomee could need for 3-5 years of use.

Post-sales support   

We are taking our job very seriously, like a mission. Together with classical options to fix possible issues, we offer some unique support options.

24/7 troubles solving pages

Every patient with a Labex electrolarynx worldwide can navigate to, or use a special QR code from the box to go directly to the relevant support page on the company website. There are short specially designed videos on how to understand correctly the signals for the digital electrolarynx as well as suggestions on what could be the issue and how to solve it.

Ticket system

We have an online support system to register and support all reported malfunctions or questions set. Thus we grant our customers the highest quality of diagnostics and help them have solutions quickly, usually within 2 working days.

Option to exchange with a new device

Our failure rate is extremely low. That lets us take the decision to offer this unique option. Within the 2 years warranty period, we can exchange every malfunctioned device for a new one. Please check the conditions and procedures on how to access the exchange-with-new-device option on our page.

Extended warranty period

If you order your electrolarynx online on the company website, you have the option to order an extended warranty for up to two years or more. This option is possible only at the time of setting a new order on our website. Please check for this option while selecting the charger's plug type and color option at the choose device stage.

What we want to do with our work is create a big circle of happy brand fans worldwide - a circle of people living better thanks to what we have done.

How to use the electrolarynx. The importance of finding the sweet spot

The loss of vocal cords as a result of throat surgery can be overcome in various ways. The use of an electrolarynx is the most certain and independent way to start speaking again after a complete or partial laryngectomy.

The Labex digital electrolarynges are designed to help people who have undergone laryngectomy surgery and have a partial or complete loss of the vocal cords. These are battery-powered speech aid devices designed to help the laryngectomee reproduce sounds similar to those generated by the vocal cords. Learn more about voice restoration options.

When the top cap of the electrolarynx is held against the tissues of the neck, the tone is transmitted into the oral cavity through the oropharynx. The appropriate movement of the lips, tongue, teeth, and jaw converts the tone into understandable speech (i.e., modulates the tone). See the easiest methods for learning how to speak with Labex digital electrolarynx devices.

https://youtu.be/I9C9vhg-t-c How-to find-the-sweet-spot-speaking-with-electrolarynx Start speaking with an electrolarynx device

To be able to speak with an electrolarynx, a laryngectomee needs to press the device against the neck.  Thus it is very important to find the spot that lets the maximum of the vibrations leave out of the mouth cave. This place is very person-dependent and skin condition-dependent. The best talking position is the so-called "sweet spot" which is the place on the throat that allows the sound waves from the electrolarynx to pass most clearly through the tissues of the throat and out of the mouth.

The importance of finding the sweet spot is expressed in the clarity of the sound produced during speech. All that depends on the sweet spot. It is individual for each person and it is up to them to discover it. More on how to find your sweet spot from Labex users.

Once you learn how to speak with an electrolarynx, you will not need anything additional to speak. Our robust speech aid devices have been developed for daily usage and we have designed them very easy to maintain.  Depending on the model, Labex electrolarynx devices provide between 4 and 40 hours of speech time with a single charge. You can compare them and choose the best electrolarynx that suits your preferences.