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Labex Inspiration® Electrolarynx

change intonation while you are speaking

Unlike some speech aids that leave your voice in a monotone, our intuitive Touch Technology makes it simple to change intonation with the touch of a button. Just slide your finger up or down the device! The Inspiration model makes it easier to express your emotions while speaking.


Some laryngectomy speech aids sound flat and dull. With the Inspiration model, you’ll be able to express any voice, tone or emotion. Our digital technology and precise touch/slide control give the user ultimate control of the intonation and volume.

Smart Start Feature

With our Smart Start feature, the device starts by itself as soon as it touches your neck! Pressure sensors alert the device to turn “on” as soon as it's in the proper position. The Smart Start technology keeps conversation flowing by ensuring that your speech won't be delayed.

Comfortable and intuitive use

The Labex Inspiration is very simple to configure by the user. The lightweight construction of this speech aid device makes it comfortable to wear around the neck, while the intuitive controls make it easy to adjust volume and pitch. Our Touch Technology and Smart Start features are easy to get used to so you can make your voice heard.

State-of-the-art Battery technology

Intelligent charging technology

With a variety of charging capabilities, the Labex Inspiration makes sure that you’ll never lose your voice. Charge your speech aid with the included AC charger or any USB port–laptop, computer, battery bank—even in your car! Our easy-to-charge design ensures that you’re never at a loss for words, even when you’re on the go.

Amazing battery life

Due to a built-in battery and digital technology, this model has the longest talk time of any electrolarynx on the market–24+ hours of talk time! Try the Labex Inspiration and see for yourself what an artificial larynx device can do!

Charge anywhere

With a variety of charging capabilities, the Labex Inspiration makes sure that you’ll never lose your voice. Charge your speech aid with the included AC charger or any USB port–laptop, computer, battery bank—even in your car! Our easy-to-charge design ensures that you’re never at a loss for words, even when you’re on the go.

LED Battery indicator

The Labex Inspiration features an LED Indicator that makes it easy to visualize the battery level, volume and tone you are using. The convenient lights help any user configure the device. This design is energy efficient so you won't be draining the battery.







Why choose Labex Electrolarynx ?

the best materials

Every electrolarynx we make is manufactured from the best materials possible – this guarantees the precise function and long life of all our products.

True digital electrolarynx technology

All Labex speech aid devices use digital microprocessors to produce the clearest voice possible and allow for fine control of the voice generated.

Reliability and comfort

We carefully designed every aspect of our electrolarynx devices prioritizing reliability and focusing on comfort. Labex will never feel uncomfortable or let you down!

SUPPORT and care for all

All our electrolarynx devices come with a 2-year warranty. Feel free to contact our support team for any questions or problems you have. You are not alone!

Labex Comfort® Electrolarynx

Two button design

Feel confident talking with others in any setting—the two-button design of the Labex Comfort can help make communication seamless. Set one button for noisy environments and one for quiet environments. This makes it comfortable to talk anywhere and find the right volume instantly.


This electrolarynx uses 9v rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. Our Comfort model works with all kinds of 9v batteries, and two of them are included. When a battery runs out, simply swap it with the new one. Leave the discharged battery on the charging station so there is no downtime with you using the device! The Labex Comfort provides 4+ hours of talk time before you need to replace or recharge the batteries.

Easy to use and configure

With the Labex Comfort speech aid, you’ll be talking in no time! It’s easy to set the volume levels. The design is so user-friendly that even a person who hates working with technology can customize the device to fit their needs.

Small & Light

Our Comfort model is incredibly light, weighing in at just 168 grams [6oz]. It fits easily in the hand with a height of just 13cm [5 inches]. All of our artificial larynxes are designed with ultimate portability in mind! It comes with a lanyard to wear comfortably around the neck. This keeps your speech aid handy so you can speak at any time.

Durable and Resistant

Water and dust resistant

The Comfort model is IP 54 water and dust resistant certified. That means that it will withstand rain and dust. It is resistant to sweat and moisture, keeping it protected during everyday use.

Rugged construction

The Comfort model has a rugged, injection-molded body. It is designed to withstand shock and drops, cushioning and protecting the technology within. The exterior is easy to clean and fits well in the hand. After all, this model is designed with comfort in mind!







What do people say ?

"After trying three different electrolarynx devices, I was surprised how much freedom of expression my Labex Inspiration gave me. Its like having my voice again"
Craig J. Morgan
"Amazing battery, I'm able to speak for 3-4 days on a single charge. If you are looking for a reliable electrolarynx that lets you travel - take a look at Labex Inspiration!"
Stephan Gersten
"Great product. I've been using different electrolarynx devices for 8 years and they either broke of were difficult to use. I can't be more happy with my electrolarynx now!"
Adrien Doucet

Labex Digital® Electrolarynx

easy to use

Our Digital model is designed with maximum convenience in mind. It’s so straightforward to use—no configuration necessary! This laryngectomy speech aid works straight out of the box.

Water and dust resistant

The Labex Digital device earned an IP 54 water and dust resistance certification. That means that it will withstand sweat, light moisture, as well as dust, keeping it protected during daily wear.

Tough and durable

The Digital model is built to last with a superior, injection-molded body. It is designed to protect the technology against shock and drops so a slip of the hand doesn’t leave you speechless! Our smooth exterior is simple to clean and pleasant to hold.

Tough and durable

All of our models are designed to be easily portable. Our Digital electrolarynx is especially easy to hold. The Digital comes with a lanyard that fits without snagging. Wear your device around your neck to keep it readily accessible. Then you can speak whenever you need!






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