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    Which is the best electrolarynx model?

    The technical parameters of our devices surpass the parameters of all other competitors and our entire range is made up of devices that are excellent to use. Each patient can choose the best electrolarynx model from our Product Range according to their desired functionality and price of the device. Whichever device a patient chooses from our series, they always get a reliable talking tool.

    All devices are sold complete with everything you need in order to use them, thus you do not have to buy additional accessories or batteries.

    Labex DIGITAL electrolarynx

    Our DIGITAL electrolarynx is the world's lightest and easiest-to-use speech-aid device. It is also very reliable, resistant to drops and moisture, with an excellent tone and easy settings. It is certainly the ideal electrolarynx for people who want simple control or are looking for an affordable price for the device, as they need fewer options when using it.

    Check out our Labex DIGITAL device for more information!

    Labex COMFORT electrolarynx

    COMFORT model is not only resistant to leakage and moisture, but also offers two preset talk buttons. It perfectly covers the functionality of the competitors’ devices of the high-price class, while giving significantly more talk time and convenience for settings. In fact, it has a significant price advantage over competitive models with similar functionality.

    For more details, see our Labex COMFORT device!

    Labex HARMONY еlectrolarynx

    HARMONY is really an extended version of COMFORT with an extremely long talk time of over 40 hours and a beautiful design. Its soft operation and extremely pleasant buttons make it the most desired electrolarynx on the market. It is also the perfect device for people who value comfort or want a little more luxury in their lives.

    If you want more details, check out our Labex HARMONY device!

    Labex INSPIRATION electrolarynx 

    INSPIRATION electrolarynx is designed for people who are really looking for inspiration. Its one-of-a-kind capacity to allow for intuitive changes in intonation while speaking is important to musicians, artists, those who frequently speak in front of an audience, and anybody who wants to get the most out of life. The long talk duration ensures that it may be used for an extended amount of time. This model is more of a tool, and mastering its capabilities will take some time.

    Find out more about our Labex INSPIRATION device!

    In the following tables, you can see specific technical parameters of each of the models and choose which is the best electrolarynx for you.

    An expression of our confidence in the high quality of our devices is the unique opportunity to order an extended factory warranty at the time of purchase from our website. Please note that this is a one-time option only at the time of purchase. Not available in other cases and not available from our distributors.

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    Global parametersInspirationHarmonyComfortDigital
    Adjustable pitchYesYesYesYes
    Adjustable volumeYesYesYesYes
    Pitch range total60- 175 Hz60- 175 Hz60-155 Hz0- 155 Hz
    Base pitch range70-121 Hz---
    Dynamic pitch range45-70 Hz---
    Volume range60-83 dB68- 85 DB68- 85 DB68- 85 DB
    Dynamic Volume range68- 85 DB---
    Speech time per charge24-30 h*30-40 h*4 h*4 h*
    Full charge time2.5 h w Labex charger2.5 h w Labex charger5 h5 h
    Mechanical buttonsNo332
    Touch button/slider1---
    USB chargeYesYes--
    Speech buttons-221
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    * depending on pitch and volume selected

    Physical parameters

    Physical parametersInspirationHarmonyComfortDigital
    Weight168 g wth battery168 g wth battery72 g w/o battery72 g w/o battery
    Body materialABS + Aluminium or StainlessABS + Aluminium or StainlessABSABS
    Dust resistanceYesYesYesYes
    Moisture resistanceNoNoYesYes
    Standart coveredIP42IP42IP54IP55
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    Check discharge levelYesYes--
    Charge finished notificationYesYesYesYes
    Lanyard holderYesYesYesYes
    Power chargerBuilt-inBuilt-in--
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    Battery infoInspirationHarmonyComfortDigital
    Battery typeLi-Ion, permanentLi-Ion, permanentLi-Ion, exchangebleLi-Ion, exchangeble
    Rechargable batteryYesYesYes
    Charge current0,5 A; 1,0 A; 1,5 A - depending on USB port power0,5 A; 1,0 A; 1,5 A - depending on USB port power
    Battery manufacturerPanasonicPanasonicEBL, TaiwanEBL, Taiwan
    Battery recharge lifecycles> 500> 500> 400> 400
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    Warranty conditionsInspirationHarmonyComfortDigital
    post-warranty repairsIn the factory, authorized local centersIn the factory, authorized local centersIn the factory, authorized local centersIn the factory, authorized local centers
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    ** for the unit only, does not cover batteries and chargers