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  • Labex Harmony Electrolarynx


    • Powerful built-in rechargeable battery allows for 40 hours of talk time
    • Full charge battery time is 2.5 hours with a factory-kit charger
    • High-quality durable metal body
    • Realistic voice reproduction
    • Easy-to-read LED indicator
    • Two fully customizable voice buttons
    • Two years warranty

    We are that sure of the quality of our products to offer you extending the warranty period by one or two more years for as low as 10 % of the base price of the the unit for each year more.
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    Labex Harmony Electrolarynx – Buy online: simple to use, high-performance speech aid

    Labex Trade gives you the opportunity to buy your Labex Harmony Electrolarynx online. If you require the longest speech duration, this is the solution for you. Alternatively, if you simply want to hold a nice-looking item in your hand. Simple to operate and dependable. Additionally, USB rechargeable and has programmable buttons.

    Overview – Labex Harmony Electrolarynx

    Truly modern digital electrolarynx – this is the Labex Harmony. It also brings a modern design. Harmony electrolarynx is unquestionably cutting-edge equipment. Two completely programmable speech buttons are included. Each one can have its own volume and tone(pitch) settings. Giving you the unique option to switch between two different voices at the push of a button. The one-step reconfiguration technique is simple to use and may be utilized an endless number of times. The buttons have a distinct tactile sense that makes them a joy to operate.

    Why choose online Labex Harmony Electrolarynx?

    The Labex Harmony is a high-performance electrolarynx with a user-friendly interface, making it one of the greatest speech aids for laryngectomy patients on the market. 

    The Harmony device is perfect for you if:

    Firstly: You’ll be needing the most time to speak.

    Secondly: You’ll be needing an attractive electrolarynx.

    The Labex Harmony Electrolarynx is based on the classic electrolarynx and has all of the qualities that constitute a good, effective speech aid. But, all of these features,  have been tweaked and enhanced.

    The Harmony device is a simple and easy-to-use device that allows you to adjust the volume and pitch of each of the speech buttons. Experimenting and settling into your tastes has never been easier. Even though it’s designed for users who prefer the classic way of using an electrolarynx, that is, with a flat and neutral tone. The Labex Harmony Electrolarynx has two speech buttons that allow you to swiftly swap between voice profiles.

    Because of its appealing appearance and superb tactile feel of the voice buttons, the Labex Harmony is a delight to use. Additionally, features like a long talk duration and digital sound production control. As well as, low power consumption. It’s easy to see why the device is so successful.

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    Additional information

    Weight0,19 kg
    Dimensions3,2 × 3,2 × 120 cm
    Plug type

    EU plug type, US plug type, UK plug type