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  • Labex Inspiration Electrolarynx


    • Powerful built-in rechargeable battery allows for 24 hours of talk time
    • Full charge battery time is 2.5 hours with a factory-kit charger
    • The solid aluminum body is easy to use and clean
    • Superior voice-matching capabilities
    • Easy-to-read LED indicator
    • Settings are intuitive— easy to adapt to and use!
    • 2 Year warranty

    We are that sure of the quality of our products to offer you extending the warranty period by one or two more years for as low as 10 % of the base price of the the unit for each year more.
    Here is the only place and moment where you can take this chance.


    Labex Inspiration Electrolarynx – buy online: designed for people who are really looking to be inspired.

    You have the opportunity to buy Labex Inspiration Electrolarynx online. Its one-of-a-kind capacity to allow intuitive shifts of intonation while speaking is useful for musicians and artists. Especially for those who frequently speak in front of an audience. And anybody who wants to get the most out of life of course. The long talk time ensures that it will be used comfortably for an extended amount of time. This device is more of a tool, and mastering its capabilities will take some work.

    Overview –  Inspiration Electrolarynx Device

    The one-of-a-kind Labex Inspiration electrolarynx allows you to regulate the intensity or pitch of the tone, allowing for rich and expressive nuanced speech. This speech aid uses cutting-edge technology to provide you with increased speaking time and the ability to restore intonation in your voice. This speech-aid, with its cutting-edge design and convenient operation, provides a more natural-sounding conversation as well as sheer enjoyment to use.

    Undoubtedly the premier electrolarynx available for purchase. Presenting the Labex Inspiration electrolarynx device – meticulously designed for those who seek unparalleled inspiration.

    Labex Inspiration Electrolarynx offers more options than any other model electrolarynx on the market.

    If you are still not sure you wanna buy electrolarynx online, check out its additional features:

    Firstly: If you need to express your emotions better;

    Secondly: Its perfect for you if you need more speech time;

    Thirdly: If you like modern technologies and prefer to communicate in a more effective and modern manner.

    The Inspiration electrolarynx is a powerful technology that allows you to interact creatively with people in a more natural-sounding discussion. While speaking, you may modify the pitch or loudness of the tone using Inspiration’s simple and user-friendly touch panel. To adjust the tone (pitch) or loudness, simply move your finger up and down on the slider.

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    Additional information

    Weight0,187 kg
    Dimensions3,2 × 3,2 × 12 cm
    Plug type

    EU plug type, US plug type, UK plug type