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Labex Trade specializes in the production of Labex electrolarynx devices. Our Inspiration electrolarynx, launched in Jan 2016, is unique with its ability to offer intonation as the pitch changes during speech. Our goal is to create a new generation of state-of-the-art digital electrolarynges providing a stable speaking tone at an affordable price.

Labex Trade Electrolarynx: New Generation Digital Electrolarynxes

Talk with Hennie Knops, Netherlands

A video conversation between the Labex team and Hennie Knops from the Netherland. Hennie uses Inspiration's ability to change intonation while speaking very well. The intuitive touch control of this speech aid allows the user to express their emotions better while speaking with an electrolarynx.

Labex Trade Electrolarynx: New Generation Digital Electrolarynxes

Client Benefits Webinar Jan 2021

We strive to make the use of an electrolarynx pure pleasure for the laryngectomees. We offer reliable, dust, and moisture-proof devices, that are comfortable and easy to use. We were the first to offer long-lasting batteries with longer speech time from 2,5 hours up to 30h+.

Labex Trade Electrolarynx: New Generation Digital Electrolarynxes

Labex Distributor Network Expansion Webinar Nov 2020

We have high-quality electrolarynxes. As a producer, we can offer special low prices and great support WW. Learn about the opportunities to Join the Labex Distributor Network and the Benefits this can bring you.




Labex Trade Electrolarynx, Labex Inspiration Electrolarynx, Labex Trade

Price € 599

Change intonation
while you are speaking

Our intuitive Touch Technology makes it easy to change intonation only with a touch! Simply slide your finger up and down on the electrolarynx's touch panel. Inspiration electrolarynx facilitates the expression of your emotions while speaking.


While Inspiration can be used in a flat tone, like any other electrolarynx, you will also be able to use a dynamic tone to express any voice, tone, or emotion. Our digital technology and precise touch/slide control give the user ultimate control of the intonation and volume.

intonation modes

Sliding the finger on the Control Panel can change the intonation in a different manner. Depending on the selected mode of operation you have Default, Linear, Tonal, Asian intonation, or Dynamic Volume mode. You have no limit on how many times you can switch between modes.
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Labex Trade Electrolarynx, Labex Harmony Electrolarynx, Labex Trade

Price € 499

Designed to please

Every detail is carefully manufactured to be the ideal speaking aid. From the precisely machined aluminum buttons that have just the right texture to the soft glowing LED indicator, this electrolarynx is made for your pleasure.

Exceptional Battery

30+ hours of talk time on a single charge. You can use your electrolarynx for a week or two straight without worrying about charging. The battery will last more than 500+ charge cycles which give you 500 weeks (about 10 years).

Robust metal construction

The premium construction, combined with the durable design makes the Harmony electrolarynx a pleasure to handle.​

Sound & customization

Experience a soft and natural voice. Customize every button to have a unique voice signature that suits you. Soft and natural!
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Labex Trade Electrolarynx, Labex Comfort Electrolarynx, Labex Trade

Price € 399

Two buttons design

Feel confident talking with others in any setting - the two-button design of Labex Comfort electrolarynx can help make communication seamless. Set one button for noisy environments and one for quiet ones. This makes it comfortable to talk anywhere and find the right volume instantly.


Labex Comfort works with all kinds of 9V batteries. Two rechargeable 9V Li-Ion batteries and an intelligent charger station come in the box. When the battery runs out, just swap it with a fresh one, and put the discharged battery in the charging station included in the set. Every battery provides 4+ hours of talk time with a single recharge.

Easy to use and configure

With the Labex Comfort speech aid, you will be talking in no time! It is easy to set the volume level and pitch. The design is so user-friendly that anyone can customize the device to fit the needs without hassles.
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Labex Trade Electrolarynx, Labex Digital Electrolarynx, Labex Trade

Price € 299

Easy to use

Our Digital model is designed with maximum convenience in mind. It’s so straightforward to use - no configuration is necessary to start! This laryngectomy speech aid works straight out of the box.
In case you are looking for the most simple to use electrolarynx, then Labex Digital is your unit

Water and dust-resistant

Labex Digital device was granted an IP 54 water and dust-resistance certification. That means that it will withstand sweat, light moisture, as well as dust, keeping it protected during daily wear.

Small & Light

Labex Comfort is one of the lightest electrolarynges on the market - weighing in at just 73 grams [2.6 2 oz]. It fits easily in the hand with a height of just 10 cm [4 inches]. All of our speech aids are designed with ultimate portability in mind! It comes with a lanyard to wear comfortably around the neck. This keeps your speech aid handy, so you can speak at any time.
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More about electrolarynx speech-aid devices of LABEX TRADE brand

When we started developing speech devices in 2014,  for the last 12 years there were no new devices introduced on the market for laryngectomy patients in the world. The electrolarynx speech-aids in 2014 offered real-time talk spans from an hour and a half to two hours with batteries that were very expensive and inefficient.

Of course, there were good speech-aid models, from an engineering point of view, that were already on the market and they had taken their place. It was clear to us that we had to produce devices with significantly better parameters and unsurpassed options worldwide in order to be successful. We need to offer patients exactly what they need.

  • Our research has shown that most people who use a speech aid want to be able to change their intonation during speech.
  • Everyone agreed that they needed more talking time and cheaper batteries.
  • Equally important was the ratio of speech to side noise, which is not entirely avoidable with this technology.
  • In addition to all this, we put our desire to create the lightest and smallest electrolarynges in the world.

Obviously, all these goals were solvable with the use of modern digital technologies. So we decided to develop and produce modern digital devices with an excellent tone, functional design, robust construction, and options that significantly exceed the capabilities of the devices currently sold.

Labex Trade Electrolarynx - Speech aid devices that consumers will love.

The first appearance of our model Inspiration in 2016 agitated the market and forced our main competitors to urgently start developing new models. Some of them sold their businesses and others tried to modernize what they had already developed.

Currently, we sell in more than 30 countries around the world and are constantly expanding our presence in new markets. We have an excellent product line, efficient support, and affordable prices.

Labex Distribution Network   

We ship worldwide through our online sales.

Labex Trade - Electrolarynx devices

Labex Trade has been specializing in the production of digital electrolarynx devices since 2014.
We have developed and are offering our range of modern and reliable digital talking devices. We are looking forward to expanding our distribution network worldwide and extend our connections with customer organizations. We have excellent digital electrolarynges with the best options and quality and excellent support.


UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania

North America


South America

Argentina, Brasil


Kazakhstan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Viet Nam, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Turkey, Lebanon, OAEmirates, Iraq



Labex Trade - electrolarynx devices, how to use them, and the importance of finding the sweet spot

The loss of vocal cords as a result of throat surgery can be overcome in various ways. The use of an electrolarynx is the most certain and independent way of restoring speech after a complete or partial laryngectomy.

The Labex digital electrolarynx speech aid devices are designed to help people who have a partial or complete loss of the vocal cords. It is a battery-powered speech aid device designed to help the laryngectomee reproduce sounds similar to those produced by the vocal cords in normal speech. Learn more about voice restoration options here.

When the plastic or metal probe of the electrolarynx is held against the tissues of the neck the tone is transmitted to the mouth through the oropharynx. The appropriate movement of the lips, tongue, teeth, and jaw converts the tone into meaningful speech (i.e., modulates the tone). See the easiest methods for learning how to speak with Labex digital electrolarynx devices.

All that a laryngectomee needs to speak with a speech device is to find their talking position on the neck. The so-called "sweet spot" is the place on the throat, which allows the sound waves from the electrolarynx to pass most clearly through the tissues of the throat and out of the mouth. The importance of finding the sweet spot is expressed in the clarity of the sound produced during speech. All that depends on the sweet spot. It is individual for each person and it is up to them to discover it. More on how to find your sweet spot from Labex users.

Once you learn how to speak with an electrolarynx, you will not need anything additional to speak. Our durable speech aid devices have been developed for daily usage and we have designed them very easy to maintain.  Depending on the model, Labex electrolarynx devices provide between 4 and 30 hours of talk time with a single charge. You can compare them and choose the best one for you here.


Check the Labex Channel on Youtube for more videos

Labex Trade Electrolarynx: New Generation Digital Electrolarynxes