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  • Taking Care of Your Electrolarynx

    Taking Care of Your Electrolarynx

    It can be frustrating if your electrolarynx fails to work effectively and yet you want to talk to your friends.  This is the reason why you must take good care of your electrolarynx. The user must be aware of how to maintain it well to enjoy communication. Proper care extends the device’s usability and effectiveness. This article will take you through various ways of taking care of your electrolarynx.

    How to take care of the batteries

    If batteries are not well charged, check the charging port (for Harmony and Inspiration models), because it might not be making the required contact. Try cleaning the surface and rub the little contact charging point. This should be done using a clean cloth.  When in doubt, always check in with your distributor or the device manufacturer. They will be happy to help.

    It is essential not only to check whether the battery is working correctly, but also check if other components are working properly. For example, if the circuit connecting the battery and the charger is broken, the current flow will be cut short.

    Taking Care of Your Electrolarynx, Labex Trade
    It is important to check whether the charger is working properly before you replace the battery.
    Make sure you do not overcharge the batteries – all our electrolarynx devices come with a smart charger that will never overcharge them, so be sure to check.

    Modern electrolarynx devices have integrated Li-ion batteries that charge over the USB just like a smartphone. If your charger is not working properly, you can find a USB charging device and charge your electrolarynx device.

    Do not refrigerate the batteries, or leave them in a hot car. Exposing your electrolarynx battery to extreme temperatures is dangerous because it will get damaged. Keys can short-circuit your device if the battery makes contact with your keys on the pocket.

    Taking Care of Your Electrolarynx, Labex Trade

    How to clean the electrolarynx and the precautions to take

    While cleaning the device, you should make sure that you blow the dust off. Dust stuck on your electrolarynx can affect its effectiveness.
    Never clean the device under running water or submerge in the water.

    The electrolarynx must be cleaned regularly to ensure it looks and works perfectly for a long time because it will be free from germs or infections. It is advisable to clean your electrolarynx with a clean and wet disinfected cloth or microfiber. Always remove the battery (for Digital and Comfort models), clean the dirty part, and let it dry up before inserting it.

    It is crucial to clean thoroughly the head of the device that makes contact with your neck.
    You can use an old toothbrush to clean threads on the device where parts screw together.
    To clean such parts, use isopropyl alcohol and not rubbing alcohol.
    Rubbing alcohol leaves a residue on the cleaned surface. Be careful as you pick cleaning solutions because some can adversely affect the performance of your electrolarynx.

    Always protect the top of your electrolarynx from dust or rain.
    Cleaning the head prevents dust condensation from forming. If the head is compromised, the speech will not be clear. You must be aware of how to maintain your electrolarynx device.

    Tips for using electrolarynx here.

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