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Labex Digital Electrolarynx

Buy our best quality-price electrolarynx - Labex Digital - Affordable Functionality in a small durable package

Labex Digital device is the best electrolarynx to buy on the market. Its design is for those who appreciate the ease of use. Additionally it is an affordable device that works just fine.

Focused on providing the basic benefits of electrolarynx devices in a small, yet durable package, Labex Digital is basically the simplest speech aid you will ever find on the market. With only one dedicated speech button, all you need to do is to press it and talk. Together with the speech button, there are 2 buttons to adjust the volume and the pitch (tone). Thus it is a fully adjustable electrolarynx, too.

Labex Digital is designed for people who value simplicity. Undoubtedly it is a low-cost device that performs effectively.

9V Battery


Configurable Speech Button






Optimal portability and ease of use

  • Fully configurable single-button design for functionality and comfort.
  • IP54 shock-, water- and dust-resistant plastic body.
  • Dedicated volume and pitch control.
  • Produces a steady, flat tone.
  • 4h+ hours of talk time.
  • Fully digital.
  • Easy-to-see LED battery level indicator.
  • The best electrolarynx to buy on the market.
  • 2 year warranty.


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Why is Labex Digital the best electrolarynx to buy

Why is Labex Digital the best electrolarynx to buy? Well, it's all about its small, light, and simple design. These three adjectives perfectly capture the essence of Labex Digital electrolarynx.

Moreover, Labex Digital is not just simple; it's also highly functional. With only a single talk button, Labex Digital is perfect for users who have undergone laryngectomy and want affordable functionality in a tiny, yet durable package.

Labex Digital: A Robust and Reliable Electrolarynx Choice

What sets Labex Digital apart is its robust construction. Just like Labex Comfort, Labex Digital is housed in a super durable, shock-resistant IP54 plastic body. So, it is definitely constructed to withstand the rigors of your daily activities while also providing the simplicity of a single-press-and-talk functionality. Furthermore, its intuitive design provides the same level of reliability as every electrolarynx from our product line — only in a highly simple and portable model.

Additionally, in terms of power supply, Labex Digital includes 2 pcs big capacity 9V Li-Ion batteries and an intelligent charger station. Notably, it's compatible with standard alkaline 9-volt batteries as well as all available 9V batteries, making it exceptionally convenient to use. This means that even if you happen to forget the two 9v Li-Ion rechargeable batteries or the smart charging station from the kit, you will easily find alternative ways to power it up.

Recognizing the diverse preferences among users in a landscape of ongoing innovation and development, Labex Digital serves as our response to the need for simplicity in electrolarynx devices. We understand that selecting the best speech aid is a deeply personal experience.

With its user-friendly single-button operation, we firmly believe that Labex Digital aligns perfectly with your quest for digital simplicity. Express yourself confidently with Labex Digital and savor the ideal combination of simplicity and functionality.


  • Production of a steady, flat tone
  • Several combinations of volume and tone settings
  • Our lightest and smallest electrolarynx device
  • IP54 water and dust resistant rated
  • 4 hours of speaking time on a fully-charged battery
  • Easy-to-see LED battery warning
  • Every Labex Digital Electrolarynx Device comes with:
  • Two rechargeable 9v Li-Ion batteries
  • Intelligent recharge station with two slots
  • Lanyard
  • User manual
  • Original warranty card
  • 2 Year warranty