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Self-assistance Digital

Self-assistance Digital

Self-assistance for the Labex Digital Electrolarynx

In this brief video, you will observe the typical sequence of the Labex Digital Electrolarynx 's first starting.

When you insert a charged battery into the equipment, the green LED will light up. As a result,  a short and quiet sound will be released.

This method allows you to see, feel, and confirm that the equipment is functioning properly.

Please keep the following key factors in mind while you watch the video above:

  1. When you attach the battery, the green LED lights up for a second. It signals that the battery is charged and has the proper polarity.
    • If indeed the battery charge level is near to zero, the RED "battery" LED will light alongside the green one.
    • The device is not being powered properly, If indeed the GREEN LED does not light up. It is perhaps that the battery was placed incorrectly. Or that there is a problem with the battery and you must swap it.
  2. When you attach the battery, you will hear a brief popping sound. It implies that all hardware is operational.
  3. When the speech button is pressed, the green LED lights. It means that the button is functioning properly.

We recommend restoring all settings to the factory default values, If not everything appears the same on your device. Here's a quick video showing you how to accomplish it:

All modifications, including the factory reset, can be made an endless number of times.

If the previous advice does not resolve your problem, we propose that you make a similar video using your phone to demonstrate the issue. Create a ticket and contact our support system. Provide us with a detailed description of your issue. As well as a video, so that we can identify the best method to help you.
Note that the serial number from the inside of the device is visible in the video.

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