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Electrolarynx How To Guide

Tips For Using Electrolarynx

Speech and electrolarynx

The ability to speak and communicate is one of unique human characteristic. The characteristic is fundamental to many activities of daily living, such as talking or answering a phone. Loss of voice can result in a devastating decrease in a one’s quality of life. The precipitate significant frustration over the inability to communicate with other people can lead to adverse mental and psychological related problems.

An electrolarynx is a battery operated machine which produces sound to create a voice. The device comes in different types and makes, but they are usually about the size of a small electric razor. The medical device is used by individuals who have lost their voice box due to cancer of the larynx. It develops an esophageal voice which sounds like a robot voice.

Tips on how to use Electrolarynx

First, adjust your new speech aid to a sound that you will like. This will help you to at least get approximately a voice which is close to your voice. After that, place it on the sweet spot on your neck. A sweet spot will allow sound transmit through your neck tissue and your oral cavity with the most clarity. The easiest way to find your sweet voice is to place the artificial Electrolarynx on your neck in different positions while you activate the power button until you hear the best projection through your mouth. Finding your sweet spot is the essential part of having the best projection with your artificial larynx. While looking for a sweet spot, it is crucial that you press it firmly against your neck tissue, so the sound transmits through your next tissue and out your oral cavity. If you do not press it firmly, you will have a problem of sounding weird with a sound that can make you feel embarrassed.

At this point, some voice may not come through clearly, and the sound heard may make you misunderstood. If you press the electrolarynx firmly, the voice projected will sound better.

Hot to become better

Once you find your spot, you can now form words using the artificial larynx device. One thing you should keep in mind is that, while you are trying to speak with your speech aid, you must articulate cleanly so that your consonants can be above the sound of the speech aid. If you do not articulate strongly, your voice will sound like some mushy voice coming out of your mouth. One way to practice articulation is to say what you want to say without artificial larynx device exaggerating your articulation. A good exercise is the use of tongue twisters. If you want to be understood, speak slowly and release the power button between the words.

It is essential to understand that most electrolarynx devices do not have pitch/tone control except modern ones. Before getting a brand new electrolarynx device, kindly inquire if you can change your tone or pitch as want to. It is important to note that it depends on how an individual is experienced to use the electrolarynx. Not every person can get excellent results. It all depends on how long a person has been using the device. Older people planning to use the device must be patient with it if they intend to attain excellent results.






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