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  • Labex Extra Electrolarynx


    Optimal functionality and ease of use

    • Speak with intonation!
    • Fully configurable speech button design for functionality and comfort.
    • IP53 shock-, water- and dust-resistant plastic body.
    • Customized volume, pitch, and dynamic range.
    • 4h+ hours of speech time.
    • Fully digital.
    • Easy-to-see LED battery level indicator.
    • The optimal choice to buy on the market.
    • 2-years warranty.

    We are that sure of the quality of our products to offer you extending the warranty period by one or two more years for as low as 10 % of the base price of the the unit for each year more.
    Here is the only place and moment where you can take this chance.

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    Labex Extra Digital Electrolarynx: Reliability and Simplicity

    Labex Trade provides the opportunity to its customers to buy online Labex Extra Electrolarynx (Digital). The device shares a similar design to our Labex Comfort model. On the other hand, the Digital is further optimized for ease-of-use with a single button construction. Our intuitive design offers the same reliability as our other devices in a more simplistic model.

    Overview – Labex Extra Electrolarynx

    Labex Digital is in fact the most basic speech aid on the market. Focusing on giving the fundamental benefits of electrolarynx devices in a tiny but reliable design. With only one dedicated voice button. All you have to do is push it and start speaking. Alongside with the speaking button, there are two buttons for adjusting the volume and pitch (tone). As a result, it is also a completely adjustable electrolarynx.

    Surely the greatest electrolarynx to buy on the market. That is the Labex Digital electrolarynx device. It is intended for those who desire simplicity. It is a low-cost equipment that does its job well.

    Single-Button Volume Control

    Buying an electrolarynx device is in fact a personal experience. However, some customers prefer designs that include our two-button or Touch Technology. Others rather prefer our most basic design. The Labex Digital is by all means easy-to-use with a single button setting. It’s also our smallest, most lightweight device.

    Key features of our Digital model include:

    • Production of a steady, flat tone
    • 4 hours of speaking time on a fully-charged battery
    • Several combinations of volume and tone settings
    • Our lightest and smallest electrolarynx device
    • IP54 water and dust resistant rated
    • Easy-to-see LED battery warning
    • Every Labex Digital Electrolarynx Device comes with:
    • Two rechargeable 9v Li-Ion batteries
    • Intelligent recharge station with two slots
    • Lanyard
    • User manual
    • Original warranty card

    Find out for yourself why the Labex Labex Extra Electrolarynx Digital is one of the best-reviewed electrolarynx devices on the market.

    Additional information

    Weight0,168 kg
    Dimensions3 × 3 × 13 cm

    Black, Gray

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