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  • Comfort electrolarynx

    As the name suggests, Labex Comfort is all about simplicity, toughness, and portability. Definitely, on the lighter side of the electrolarynx spectrum together with full functionality powered by the peak digital technologies, the Labex Comfort is small, convenient, and easy to use.

    The Comfort is a reliable electrolarynx with two speech buttons, that allows the user to switch immediately between both configured voices.

    Labex Comfort has the best price for an electrolarynx on the market compared to the electrlarynges with a similar functionality.

    We are that sure of the quality of our products to offer you extending the warranty period by one or two more years for as low as 10 % of the base price of the the unit for each year more.
    Here is the only place and moment where you can take this chance.

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